Egyptian Musk ★ Exotic Incense Sticks 85 - 100 Stick Bundle

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Plant Guru Exotic Smooth Burning Incense Sticks: We Also Carrier Incense In the Following Fragrances: Black Coconut, Cherry, Coco Mango, Dragons Blood, Eat It Raw, Egyptian Musk, Frankincense and Myrrh, Honey Vanilla, Jamaican Fruit, Jasmine, Kush, Lavender, Lick Me all Over, Nag Champa, Opium, Patchouli, Peach Fantasy, Rainforest Fantasy, Sandalwood, Vanilla Fantasy

185 Grams Each Bundle. Approximately 85 to 100 Sticks

Each Stick 10.5 Inches Long Of High Quality Ingredients Incense Sticks

Common Uses: Meditation, Relaxation, Prosperity, Women, Anxiety, Home, Bathroom, Good Luck, Mass, Church, Spritual Ceremonies, Love, Smokers, Home, Burner, Holder, Tower, Cones, Pipe, Potpourri, Plate, Pot, Pine, Pack, infuser, Yoga, Diffuser, Spells, Tongs, Tree, Teepee, Stone, Resin, Rocks, Reed, Essential Oils, Electric, Wood, Warmer, Ash Catcher, Arabic, Aromatherapy, Storage, Sand, Sampler, Dish, Display, Fragrance, Bathroom, Gift Set, Glass Burner, Body, Coffin, Herb.

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