Natural Scented Incense

One of the biggest uses of scented incense is in the area of aromatherapy. One need not be an aromatherapist, however, to enjoy the benefits of burning incense in the home or at work. There are seemingly untold numbers of scents that can be applied to incense – either pre-manufactured or in more of a do-it-yourself manner (with essential oils and unscented incense sticks). Scientific and spiritual communities also make use of scented incense due to its many positive benefits.

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Benefits of Scented Incense

  • A sense of letting go and relaxation can be realized through the use of certain scents
  • Specific aromas can make the user feel more connected to all things natural
  • A sense of appreciation can be sparked, particularly by floral or delicate aromas
  • In addition to relieving headaches, some incense can increase clarity and focus
  • Certain types of incense may help the body fight off infection
  • Incense helps many individuals reduce anxiety, depression, tension, and insomnia
  • Incense, both scented and unscented, can be used in spiritual rituals
  • Used as an air freshener, it is natural and chemical free
  • Many aromatherapists use scented incense or essential oils (or both)
  • The act of burning incense is a practice in patience, concentration, preparation, and more
  • The burning of certain types of incense can increase sexual desires

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