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Murumuru Butters
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Murumuru Butter - Murumuru butter is rich in lauric, myristic and oleic acid. The fruit contains a white butter that is odorless and tasteless and has the advantage of not becoming rancid easily. The quality of Murumuru butter is similar to the seed fat of the Tucumã palm and coconut palm, but it has the advantage of providing greater consistency because of its melting point (33 C), which is superior to that of the Tucumã palm (30 °C) and coconut palm (22.7 °C).[6] The quality of Murumuru butter makes it possible to mix it with other vegetable butters that have a lower melting point. It can also be used to partially substitute cocoa butter in chocolate, providing a firmer consistency in environments where the temperature is higher.

Murumuru Butter:

-High content of vitamins and omega which help promote shine elasticity and softening of the hair





-Aids the skin in retaining and restoring moisture and elasticity

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