Q.Does Kokum Butter Have SPF?

Yes, kokum butter has Spf, which stands for Sun Protection Factor. It is derived from the Garcinia tree which grows in India. Its skin healing properties can rejuvenate your skin, make it tender and give it an even tone. It is also very rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. There is also the fact that kokum butter is highly non-comedogenic, which simply means that it cannot clog your pores. Add this to the fact that it has a high SPF content and you certainly have one of the most effective natural remedies for your skin conditions.

Does Kokum Butter Have SPF?

Kokum butter does not have SPF. However, it can be combined with a sunscreen of SPF 20 or 25 to form useful items such as a homemade roll-on sunscreen stick. It is a brittle oil that can be very hard at room temperature and has the same firm-yet-spreadable consistency as cocoa butter.

Another factor that compliments kokum butter’s SPF content has a lot to do with its triglyceride composition. This is advantageous in two ways. The properties will make your skin glow and remain healthy. But over and beyond that, you can be sure that you won’t have to sweat too much under the sun as you skin gets damaged by harsh Ultra Violet rays. Kokum butter is simply light with the ability to work as a side effect free base for retaining moisture. Your skin therefore remains hydrated and healthy for long during hot summer days or whenever you are anywhere where the sun shines for long hours.

Lastly, keep in mind that kokum butter is not as greasy as cocoa butter. It is in fact one of the hardest butters. So read your product packaging instructions on how to best liquefy your cocoa butter before using it. Be extra cautious too if you have sensitive skin.