Q.What Happens If You Ingest Any Of Our Butter Products?

You should not be worried as essential oils are usually not poisonous. You should keep in touch with your doctor or physician should you experience any signs of nausea or headache. This does not mean that the butter product you ingested will harm your body. The only cause of alarm usually arises where you ingest a butter product while on another prescription. In such cases, your prescription drug may react negative with the butter essential oil and affect your body systems.

What Happens If You Ingest Any Of Our Butter Products?

Most of our butter products are harmless in their natural form. In fact, some of them are edible. However, different people react differently to each butter product. If you experience hives or an itchy rash, you should contact your doctor without delay.

Another thing you need to know is the fact that there are essential oils meant for ingesting. They cannot be effective if used in any other way. There is a cause of concern here though which has everything to do with overdosing. Fortunately, you can avoid this by reading the instruction manual that came with your butter product or essential oil.

Remember that even for essential oils that can be ingested, you will still have to refrain for a while if you are pregnant. You can of course ingest an essential oil with the go ahead of your doctor or physician if you are pregnant. Be sure to also administer any essential oil to children with the go ahead of a pediatrician.

The bottom line here is to always use butter products and its essential oils as per the recommended directions. You should also be quick to seek prompt medical assistance anytime you suspect you have overdosed or you have reason to believe your body is reacting badly to the butter product you ingested.