Q.Is Candelilla Wax Vegan?

Candelilla wax is a type of wax that is extracted from the leaves of the candelilla shrub. The fact that it’s a wax means that it has more or less the same type of chemical composition as beeswax. Of course, the fact that it is extracted from a plant means that it has some differences with beeswax, which are produced by female worker bees.

Is Candelilla Wax Vegan?

Since the wax is derived from the leaves of the Mexican shrub Euphorbia antisyphilitica, it is a plant based wax and an ideal vegan alternative to beeswax. The unrefined wax is rich in nutrients and helps in binding the ingredients together, creating a texture that can be easily absorbed into the skin.

If you are vegan, the use of beeswax may cause an issue for you since it is essentially an animal product. Despite the fact that beeswax has many benefits including very good skin hydration and protection, the fact that it comes from bees means that it is usually avoided by vegans.

Fortunately, candelilla wax has nothing to do with animals, which means that it can be considered a vegan product. For one, it is extracted from a plant, rather than being the product of an animal. In addition to that, the extraction process of candelilla wax does not include the use of any animal product. This means that the end product is essentially vegetable in nature.

Candelilla wax therefore offers an excellent alternative to beeswax for strict vegans. The good thing is that though there are some differences in the chemical nature of beeswax and candelilla wax, you will still get the same benefit from both. Some of these include excellent protection of the skin from the elements, as well as reducing inflammation of the skin. It’s also easy to use as well. If you are a vegan and are interested in candelilla wax, it would be wise to buy it from a source with very good quality standards, as this is the only way you will be assured that it’s vegan-friendly.