Q.Can Natural Oils Repel Bugs?

Natural oils are billed to do many things. They can be used for beauty, aromatherapy and in some cases can even be used to control bugs. There are specific compounds in some natural oils which act as repellants to bugs, which make them useful in situations where you are trying to get rid of them.

Can Natural Oils Repel Bugs?

Yes, natural oils have the ability to repel bugs! Certain oils can help you keep away ants, moths, mosquitoes, and other biting insects. If you usually spend more time outdoors, it is a good idea to keep your favorite natural oil mixture in a spray bottle. You can spritz on exposed skin before heading out.

The natural oils can be used in a number of ways as insect repellants. There are some that are designed as oils that you apply to your skin. These are ideal if you are on the move. For instance, when visiting a tropical country, you could invest in natural oils which contain insect repellent activity.

Natural oils can also be used on this basis in the form of aromatherapy. You can buy candles and aromatherapy sticks infused with natural oils. When these are slowly burnt, the scents from the natural oils become suspended in the air and repel specific bugs. Most of these have a nice scent as well.

The key to using natural oils to repel bugs lies in proper selection and use. To ensure that you are getting the genuine product, you should buy natural oils from respected firms, since you will be assured of their quality. High quality natural oils will not only repel the specific bugs that they are supposed to repel but will also be nontoxic to you or your pets.

You should also learn how to properly use the natural oils in order to get the most out of them. Simply reading the instructions for use or consulting the retailer you buy from should be enough to get sufficient information.