Q.Can You Mix Natural Oils Together?

It will be advisable to know how many natural oils you can mix prior to you missing the bus. Also, it is more knowledgeable to know if a blend of one or more than one anti-inflammatory oil is more effective than just one.

Can You Mix Natural Oils Together?

Yes, you can mix natural oils together. For safety reasons, you may wish to include an anti-inflammatory oil into the mixture. When it comes to mixing natural oils, there is no right or wrong. You just need to know what you want out of your natural oil formula.

An excellent thumb rule is to begin by creating a formula for 100 drops because it helps to increase or reduce the ingredients as you may require. There are no black and white but shades of grey since this is your own mixture. During the process of blending, you need to be mindful of your goal. You need to stop, relax, breathe in, and let the scent help you to your ideal or any other choice.

You can successfully blend a couple of natural oils or even scores of them together. Only when you do blend these natural oils you have to remember that each of the oil contains around 50 to 100 aromatic chemicals. Hence, the quantities of each of the oil have to be very specific or you may miss the bus.

Combining three or more pain relieving oils is also possible with the result being more successful than with only any single oil. Once you attain synergy with the fragrance then you are bound to achieve synergy in its therapeutic uses. However, since you are blending these natural oils, you are incorporating a positive energy into them and hence their effect will be more positive than any single oil.